Get 25% off with code DAD25
Get 25% off with code DAD25

Getting started

Upload contacts

You’ll need to import contacts to your address book first.

Add dates

You can add their birthday or an anniversary date.

We do the rest

We print stamp and mail everything for you.


Customer retention

Retain and reactivate customers with the personal touch.

Drive new business

Avoid inbox clutter and beguile new prospects with handwritten notes.

Employee appreciation

Surprise your employees with real birthday cards and they’ll love you for life.

“Postable allows me to deliver personalized thank you notes to clients and prospective clients in 1/10th the time it used to take to do manually!”

— Sean Kessel, Ultimate Software

“Postable has been an incredible tool for myself and my team of account managers. The ease of uploading my contacts was such a time saver! It really helped us to continue building relationships in a time when we had limited options. We cannot imagine our roles without Postable and never want to go back!”

— Stella Brockbank, Trupanion

“Really impressed with the ease of use and the quality of the postcards. We’ll definitely be using Postable again in the future.”

— Frances Smith, Alira Health


Easy automated tools are hard to come by. So often, these tools, intended to help you save time and money, end up being clunky and difficult to use. Enter Postable. Our automations are crazy easy to use, so you can plan on not wanting to pull out all of your hair. Sending personal snail mail is just one of many ways to keep your customers happy and the best part? It no longer has to take hours and hours. You can easily compose one message that gets automatically customized and mailed out to hundreds (or as many as you need) people in minutes. Create your automated birthday cards and automated anniversary cards in a few simple steps and forget about them for a whole year! Your customers and employees will be receiving personal greeting cards from you so you get to reap all the benefits without ever having to deal with all the hassles.

Staying in touch with your customer base with personal greeting cards is an easy customer retention and brand loyalty tool. It's easy to implement so it's kind of a no brainer. If you have any questions or need help setting up any of these, feel free to email us at!