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Business Logo Cards — Mailed For You

  • Printed Business Christmas Cards With Your Company Logo

    Who would have thought adding your company logo to your company Christmas cards would be so easy? Well, we did. We've known all along and we're so glad you're finally in on the secret. Sending your business Christmas cards with your company logo is just a matter of minutes when you use any one of Postable's ingeniously designed templates. Regardless what type of theme or tone you had in mind for your 2023 company Christmas cards, this curated collection–– which allows you to add your company logo–– has everything and anything you could possibly want. Here's a summary of just a few of the themes you'll find in this collection:

    • Classic Christmas for a corporate look
    • Modern themes for a put-together business theme
    • Christmas color scheme (red and green) for businesses
    • Minimalist themes that let your company logo shine
    • Fun illustrations for a more casual company Christmas feel
    • Play on words with office themes for quirky Christmas cards (perfect employees)
    • Photo business Christmas cards with your company logo

    The best part about having so many wonderful holiday themes to choose from is that you don't have to choose just one! And for extra brownie points with your employees, don't forget to mail them a card too. Customize a classic look for your clients and then another more whimsical one for your employees with ease by using the Groups function in your Postable address book. You can easily select which group recieves a specific design so choosing the perfect card for the perfect recipient is easy as pie. Whatever theme you decide to choose, remember that the amount of effort you put into this project will be minimal. All you have to do once you choose your template is to upload your company logo (and customize your template), upload a spreadsheet of recipient addresses, and click send. Postable will print, address, and mail all of your business Christmas cards with your logo on them for you. We said it would be easy, didn't we?!
  • Choosing Your Design

    "So how does one even begin to choose their company Christmas design template when there are so many wonderful templates to choose from? If you've found yourself pondering this very thing, we've got a simple three step thought process you can use to quickly narrow down your options. 1. Consider your company culture and brand. 2. Decide between photo or non photo company cards. 3. Take note of any special requests. Considering your company culture and brand when choosing which company Christmas card to send will help you narrow down the themes. If your branding is clean and simple then your company Christmas card should reflect that. On the other hand, if your clients associate your business with a more casual and fun culture, you may want to consider choosing a design that incorporates a bit more color or even something a little more playful like a pun. Deciding between photo or non photo company cards will allow you to narrow your choice even further. This one is simple. If you want to use a photo, filter this list by only looking at photo company cards or the other way around. Take note of any special requests you may want for your cards to help you finalize your decision. For example, if you've decided on a photo card and have chosen the photo you'd like to use you'll probably have a good idea whether you'll be needing a template with a horizontal or a vertical photo slot. Additionally, take care not to choose a template where the most important part of the photo would end up being covered by your company logo or any of the templated text. "