Get 25% off with code DAD25
Get 25% off with code DAD25

Getting Started

What is Postable?
Postable is the easiest way to send really nice cards in the mail. Pick a card, type a message and we take care of the rest.
Why am I almost physically compelled to call your company “Postables” instead of Postable?
We honestly don’t know.
How do I get started?
The best way is to sign up for a free account here and then use our magical online address book to get all of your friends’ mailing addresses.
What is this magical online address book that you just spoke of?
In addition to revolutionizing the greeting card game, Postable also has the world’s most popular free online address book. We have a secret trick that makes it incredibly fast and easy to get all of your friends’ mailing addresses, birthdays, kids’ birthdays and other info.
Can I send a card without creating an account?
Absolutely! Pick a card, type a message and we’ll mail it for you.
So you’re printing and mailing the cards for me?
Yes. We print the cards, insert them into envelopes, address the envelopes, put a stamp on them and put them into the mail.
What if I want to mail the card myself?
If you prefer to go old school, that is also totally fine. Just click the “Send cards to yourself” link and we’ll send you blank cards and envelopes.

Ordering and Delivery

How long does it take for a card to arrive?
Once an order has been placed, it takes about a week to reach the recipient. We put the cards into the mail in about 1-2 business days and then it takes anywhere from 2-6 days for the USPS to deliver the card to its final destination.
What if I’m sending my card outside of the United States?
International delivery times are a bit tricky to predict, as it depends on that country's postal service, customs, etc. We like to say 1-2 weeks just to be on the safe side.
How do I cancel my order?
Orders can be cancelled automatically within 30 minutes of confirmation. You can either use the cancel button in your order confirmation email or do it from the Order history section of your account. If it’s been more than 30 minutes or if the card has been scheduled to arrive later, please email us at and we’ll do our best to help.
Can I make a change after my order has been processed?
Once an order has been processed, we’re no longer able to make changes to the cards unless they are scheduled to be sent later.
Can I cancel a card that I have scheduled for later?
Sure. As long as it hasn’t been processed yet, we’re able to cancel scheduled cards for you. Just email us at and we’ll be happy to help.
Can I track the cards you mailed for me?
Finally, yes! After your order, click the “Track Cards” button on your projects page or in your order history and you can see where each card is and its estimated delivery date. Please note that the USPS does not scan the card when it is delivered to the final address; the final scan is at the last post office. Therefore we assume that the card will be delivered the day that the final scan takes place (and 99.9% of the time it is).
Can I track my boxed orders of cards?
Yes indeed. If you order a box of cards, you’ll receive a standard tracking email once the package is in transit.
Can I expedite my order?
Unfortunately not. We send all of the cards via First Class USPS and there’s only one speed for that. Once you’ve placed your order, cards usually arrive within a week.
Do you use real stamps?
Yes! All cards are stamped with USPS First Class stamps (although instead of licking them, we use stamping robots).
Can I send cards if I live outside of the United States?
Yes indeed. The Postable website works in every country in the world — thank you internet!
Can I mail cards to recipients outside of the US?
Yes, we mail cards everywhere in the world. Just note that we are a US based company, so all of our cards are mailed from the US and international stamps are $1.45 each.
What countries can I ship a box to?
Anywhere in the world that has a functioning postal system.
How do I apply a promo code to my order?
Once you’re ready to place your order, there will be a space just above the order total on the checkout page to enter the promo code.
Can I use more than one promo code for the same order?
No, only one promo code can be used per order.
Can I use the same promo code multiple times?
No, each promo code is only good for one order, so use it wisely!

When To Mail Cards

  • Save the Dates: 6-9 months before your wedding or 9-12 months for a destination wedding
  • Invitations: 8-10 weeks before your wedding or 3-5 months for a destination wedding
  • Thank you cards: Within 2 months of your wedding
  • Shower invitations: 4-6 weeks before your baby shower
  • Shower thank yous: 2-3 weeks after the shower
  • Birth announcements: 2-8 weeks after the birth
General Invitations
When? 3-6 weeks before the party or event
Holiday Cards
When? The first week of December

Address Book

Is the Postable Address Book free?
Yes. The online address book is 100% free and you don’t even have to buy any cards (but we would love it if you did).
How do I fill up my address book?
There are 3 ways to fill up your address book...
  1. The Postable link - We give you a personal link that you can email to your friends. Your friends click the link, add their contact info to a quick friendly form and your address magically fills up! This is the easiest method and ensures totally up-to-the-minute information.
  2. Import contacts - You’re also able to easily import a spreadsheet of contacts directly into your address book. We got a little crazy programming the import so it’ll accept almost anything and automatically format it all perfectly for you.
  3. Add manually - The final (and least efficient) way to fill up your address book, is to just type in all of the information manually for each person. It ain’t pretty but it works.
Where do I find my Postable link?
Once logged in, you can find your link here by clicking on ‘Address Book’ at the very top of the page, then clicking on ‘Your Link’ just below that. Once you copy the link, you’re able to paste it into an email, a text or really share it any way you want.
Do I send the link from my own email account?
Yes. You copy the link, go to your own email account and paste it into an email. People will trust it more coming from your actual email address.
Can I change my personal link?
Yes! Just go to Address Book > Your Link > and click on 'change your link.” As long as it's available, it's yours.
Can I choose the fields that are included in my personal address request form?
Yes again! You can edit the fields on your form anytime by going to Address book > Your Link > click on 'edit your private form'.
Can someone else send out my link for me?
Sure. If you’re getting married and your fiance or parents have a lot of the email addresses, you can give them your link and have them send it out for you. No matter who sends out your link, the information will always end up in your address book.
How do I import contacts?
Go to Address Book > Import to upload your spreadsheet. We have a free template for you to use that you can download from the Import page. We accept CSV and Excel files.
I’m having trouble importing my contacts. Help!
You’ll want to make sure you’re using a one page Excel or CSV spreadsheet with column headers and that you’re including a full mailing address for each contact. You can use our downloadable template as a guide (found on the Address Book > Import page here). You can also email us at if you’re still running into any problems and we’ll help get your contacts imported ASAP.
Can I export my address book?
As luck would have it… you can! Just go to Address Book > Export. It will export your entire contact list as an Excel spreadsheet.
Can I delete my entire address book and start over?
Sure, you can delete all of your contacts by going to Account > Address book settings > click on the pink ‘Delete now’ button. Just be aware that this action cannot be undone.\
How can I organize my address book?
You can sort your address book alphabetically by first or last name. Just go to Account > Address Book Settings and use the toggle to choose First or Last.
Can the address book accept international addresses?
You’re not gonna believe it but… yes! The Postable address book works for any country, from Algeria to Zimbabwe.
Why do you recommend that I fill up my address book before sending cards?
We designed Postable to make sending cards as easy as sending emails. As soon as your address book is filled up, that dream will become a reality!!!!! You can just click on anybody you know and send them a real, addressed and stamped card as easily as an email or text.
Do you send birthday reminders for my contacts’ upcoming birthdays?
Yes, we send birthday reminder emails automatically about a week ahead of time. You can turn these reminders on or off anytime by going to Account > Address book settings. We also have a handy dandy little automated birthday card tool here that allows you to schedule all of your birthday cards for the year so you never have to worry about missing a birthday again.
Can I just use the address book and not send any cards?
Of COURSE. We’re not monsters. The address book is totally free and there is no very little pressure to ever buy a single card ;-)
Is there a way to send an email to all of my contacts asking if their addresses are up to date?
Yes, you can do this by going to Account > Address book settings and clicking on the green ‘Refresh now’ button. This will send an email to all of your contacts asking them to either confirm or update their contact information. If they make any changes, their contact information will automatically be updated in your address book.
Can I get address labels made from my saved contacts?
Unfortunately we don't offer labels. All of our cards are mailed in envelopes that have the addresses printed directly onto them (or you can order a box of cards here with addressed envelopes). You can also export your entire address book as an excel spreadsheet if you'd like by going to Address book > Export and then do a mail merge to create labels .
I already have the cards. Can I order only addressed envelopes?
We don’t have that option. We’ve been toying with this idea for awhile but as of now, we don’t offer addressed envelopes on their own. You would need to order the envelopes with cards.

Pricing and Payment

How much does Postable cost?
A Postable account is totally free, as is the online address book. The cards vary in price depending on how many you send. Our pricing is based on volume, so the more you send the less you spend (pretty catchy right?). Generally speaking….
  • 1 - 19 cards = $3.99 each plus stamp
  • 20 or more cards = $3.29 each plus stamp
We also have extremely discounted volume pricing which you can view here.
Do you offer volume discounts?
Yes, we offer automatic volume discounts on every order over 200 cards. We also offer deep discounts if you purchase account credit in advance.
How does account credit work?
If you don’t need to order over 200 cards at once but still want to lock-in super low discounted prices, you can purchase account credit. It never expires so you keep those low prices forever no matter how many cards you send at one time.
Where do I purchase account credit?
Once you’re logged in, you can see our account credit section here by going to Account > Account credit. The more credit you purchase up front, the more of a discount you get per card. You can use your credit towards any cards anytime, and it never expires.
Is this a subscription service?
No. A Postable account is totally free and you only pay for the cards you send when you send them
Are there any hidden fees?
Nope. You just pay for the cards that you send. That’s it.
Does it cost more if I use my own design?
No, the price is the same whether you upload your own image or use one of our designs.
What do you accept for payment?
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover & Apple Pay
What would cause an error when trying to use my credit card?
Double check that the credit card number, cvc number, and expiration dates are all correct. And that you are who you say you are.
Does it cost more to order a box of cards instead of mailing directly to the recipients?
No. The cards cost the same. You have to pay for the shipping.
What are your box shipping rates?
Our box shipping rates vary with the size / weight of your order and shipping destination. For small orders and international orders we use the USPS. For all other orders we use UPS Ground. Here's our pricing chart:

Number of cards US (Lower 48-states) AK, HI & PR Canada International
1-10 $2.49 $2.49 $4.99 $9.99
11-20 $2.49 $14.99 $19.99 $29.99
21-50 $4.99 $19.99 $29.99 $39.99
51-100 $9.99 $24.99 $39.99 $59.99
101-200 $14.99 $34.99 $49.99 $79.99
201-500 $19.99 $49.99 $79.99 $99.99
More than 500 $29.99 $79.99 $99.99 $149.99
How much do the stamps cost?
Regular First Class postage is 63 cents.
Domestic Postcard postage is 48 cents.
International postage is $1.45.


Can I brand my card design for my business?
Yes. You can upload your own card design using our Upload Your Own option or alternatively, you can upload your logo into any of our customizable logo card templates here.
Can I send the same message to all of my contacts at once?
Yes. Our Carbon Copy tool here lets you write one message and send it to as many contacts as you want. It even customizes the name at the top of each message so they’ll never know you cheated (we’ll never tell). It’s great for businesses, holiday cards and even thank you cards.
How does the automated birthday card feature work?
Our automated birthday card tool here allows you to schedule all of your birthday cards for the year in advance. It’s very similar to the carbon copy tool (description above) but the cards are timed to be mailed throughout the year instead of all at once.
How do the automated anniversary cards work?
Similar to automated birthdays, you can use the automated anniversary tool here to schedule all of your anniversary cards in advance. They'll be mailed a week before each contact's anniversary. It could be a wedding anniversary, a home purchase anniversary, if you're in real estate, or any significant date you want to help celebrate.
Can I remove the Postable branding from my cards?
Of course! We offer the option to remove our logo from the backs of the cards if you use our ‘Upload Your Own’ tool. Once you’ve uploaded your design to the front of the card, there is a step to customize the back. If you upload an image to the back, there will be an option to remove our logo for an additional 20 cents per card.
How can I upload or edit the logo associated with my account?
Just go to Account > Your logo settings. We recommend using a high resolution JPG or PNG that is at least 300 dpi for the best printing results.
Can I get a receipt for my order?
You can review and/or download your receipt anytime by going to Account > Order history > View invoice.
How do I purchase account credit?
Just go to Account > Account credit.
Does account credit expire?
No, you can use it for any number of cards, anytime and it never expires.

Card Projects

Where can I see all of the cards I’ve sent?
Once you send a card, it will live on your Projects page. You can click on any card on that page to view more details. You can also view all of your orders by going to Account > Order history.
How can I check the address or scheduled date for a sent card?
Go to the Projects page > click on that card > click on any recipient’s name under the ‘sent’ tab to view those details.
Do I need to finish my project right now?
No, you can write and mail some cards now and come back later to finish the rest anytime. Any cards you’ve written and saved within the project will be waiting for you. When you come back, your saved card project will be listed on your Projects page.
Why does my message look cut off in the preview?
Various screen sizes and browsers will sometimes preview the text cut off, but the text always shrinks to fit inside the card before printing. Our printing software doesn’t allow the text to run off the page.
How do I order more of an existing project?
Once you've created and sent a card, it'll be saved on your Projects page. You can click on that card to send more of that same card to new recipients anytime.
How can I rename my project?
On the Projects page, just click on the 3 dots to the right of that card and select ‘Rename’.
Is there a way to duplicate my project?
Yes, just click on the 3 dots to the right of that card on the Projects page and click on ‘Duplicate’.

Cards and Envelopes

Tell me more about these amazing cards. Who designed them?
Funny you should ask. We're so incredibly proud to be working with the best, most inspired stationery designers in the industry. These are the kind of cards you'll find at a stylish bookstore in an über hip neighborhood or the type of chic boutique where you'd find your engagement ring. They're gorgeous, irreverent, ornate, naughty, touching, beautiful and 100% recycled.
Am I able to browse by artist?
Yes. Just go to Browse Cards > Our Artists and you can see all of these brilliant artists on one glorious page!
Are your cards recycled?
Yes indeed. All of our cards AND envelopes are made from 100% post consumer recycled paper. This planet has been through enough.
Do you also sell e-cards?
No, we only send 100% printed physical cards. Real > virtual.
What are the dimensions of your cards?
We have 3 card types (horizontal and vertical):

4.25” x 5.5” Folded cards in envelopes
5" x 7" Flat cards in envelopes
4.25" x 6" Postcards
What file type should I use for my image?
We recommend using a high resolution JPG or PNG that is at least 300 dpi for the best printing results.
Why does my photo have a low resolution warning?
If you see a warning message about your photo not being high enough resolution, it’s because printing something that isn’t blurry requires a fairly large file size. If you choose to continue with the low resolution image, there’s a chance it won’t look that great. If possible, try a higher resolution image that is at least 300 dpi.
Do you have blank cards that I can use to upload my own design?
Definitely. You can upload your own image or design to a horizontal or vertical card in any of our 3 card sizes (folded, flat, and postcard) with our Upload Your Own option here.
What color envelopes do you have available?
For our folded cards, we have kraft and red. For flat cards, we have kraft, cream, white, and red. You can choose your envelope color right before checkout.
I’m an artist and I’d love to show you some of my card designs.
Email us at with samples of your work. We’d love to take a look!


Can I have cards sent to me instead of directly to my recipients? I want to add something to the cards before I mail them.
Definitely! We have a box option in our ‘Mass Mailings’ section here that allows you to send the cards to yourself. If you get folded cards or flat cards with envelopes, they’ll come unsealed so you can insert anything you’d like before mailing them.
Can I buy a box of cards without messages?
Sure. You can use the box option here and customize your card or choose one of our designs, then get them shipped to yourself with blank interiors so you can write your own message by hand if you'd like. Once you’ve picked your card, just follow the steps to choose blank cards and select the quantity you want.
If I order a box of cards, will the envelopes be unsealed?
All of our boxed cards come with unsealed envelopes.
Can I have the cards shipped to me with addressed and stamped envelopes?
Yes, we have 3 options for envelopes in box orders:
  1. Blank (unaddressed)
  2. Addressed
  3. Addressed and stamped

Fonts and Message

What’s up with the handwriting fonts?
We have patented “Smart Fonts” that use a combination of contextual alternates (multiple versions of each letter appear to keep things imperfect) and ligatures (letters are connected) to mimic real handwriting. The font selection process was painstaking because we wanted to make sure that every font has a vibrant personality. We want you to really feel like you’re expressing yourself with whatever font you choose.
Do people think that the handwriting fonts are real?
They look so real that Martha Stewart Weddings recommends them for wedding thank you cards.
Do you have other kinds of fonts that don’t look like handwriting?
Yes, we have great non-handwriting fonts as well, like Calligraphy, Typewriter, and a bunch of other cool stylistic choices.
Can I change fonts?
Sure. Just click on ‘Change font’ under the recipient address when you’re writing your message. In addition to changing the font in the card you’re working on, the new font you choose will become the default font for future cards as well as all of the cards in that project.
Can I use multiple fonts within one card?
No, only one font can be applied to each card.
Will the same font be used for both my card and envelope?
Yes, the font you choose for the card will be used on the envelope so that they match.
Can I change the size of the font in my message?
Our fonts automatically shrink as you type more and more so they’re always filling the card as realistically as possible.
Is there a limit on the amount of text I can write in my message?
We recommend using no more than about 400 characters for a card message because the text shrinks as you type and it may get too small to read beyond that.
Can I write my message in a language other than English?
Our printers support nearly all of the Latin characters. We're working on supporting more alphabets.


Can I schedule my cards in advance?
Definitely. Once you’ve chosen a card and recipient and you’re writing your message, you’ll see an option to schedule it for later. This is especially handy for holiday cards. Christmas cards finished in November? Yes please.
Does the scheduled date refer to the delivery date or mailing date?
The scheduled date refers to the desired delivery date. We mail all of the scheduled cards about a week before each requested delivery date since the post office generally takes about 2-7 days to deliver them.
How do I add additional lines of text to a customizable flat card?
Email us at and we’ll try to tweak the design to accommodate your text.
How do I edit how the names will appear on the envelopes?
Once you’ve created your card project, selected your recipients and you’re ready to check out, you’ll be brought to the envelope step. This is where you can choose the formality type or you can manually edit how you’d like the names to appear.

Adding Gifts

Can I send a gift with my card?
Finally, yes! We’re so excited to add amazing gifts that you can send along with your cards. We have a variety of gifts for different occasions that are sure to delight your recipient.
Which cards am I able to add a gift to?
For the moment it’s any folded card going to a recipient with the US. We’ll most likely be adding the option to flat cards as well in the future.
How do I add a gift?
After you’ve chosen a card and written a message, you will be given the option to add a gift. Choose something great and it’ll be added to the card in the form of a QR code that your recipient can scan to schedule the delivery of the gift.
Is the gift sent with the card?
Your recipient will receive their card first. Printed inside the card, on the flap opposite your message, is a nice message saying they’ve been sent a gift and a QR code to scan in order to arrange where they want the gift shipped. This is the new easy way to send gifts and ensures that the gifts are delivered to the correct address (people travel, etc,).
What is Goody?
Goody is a revolutionary new gifting company that we’ve partnered with to bring you gifts on Postable!
What gifts do you have available?
We have a variety of gifts available at $25, $50, $75 and $100 price points. Our gift selection currently includes beloved brands like Levain Bakery, MALIN + GOETZ, Fly By Jing, Graza, JBL, Cuisinart, and dozens more. We’ll be adding new gifts all the time. We wanted to make sure we were offering brand name gifts that people would actually want to receive. Please let us know if there’s something you’d like for us to add and we’ll do our best to include it!
When will my gift arrive?
Cards typically arrive 3-7 days after you order. Once the card has been received and the recipient tells us where to send their gift. Gifts are mailed the next business day and will generally arrive within 5 business days.
Can I change my gift?
You can’t change the gift, but don’t worry! Recipients will have the option to swap their gift for something else of equal value when they scan the code inside their card to redeem it. And double don’t worry, your recipient will never see any of the prices.
Can I cancel my gift?
Orders can be canceled within 30 minutes of confirmation. You can either use the cancel button in your order confirmation email or do it from the Order history section of your account. If it has been longer than 30 minutes, email us at as soon as possible and we’ll try to cancel the gift if the card has not yet been mailed. Once the card is in the mail, gifts are no longer cancelable.
Can I track my gift?
Recipients will receive tracking information once their gift has been shipped. We will notify you once the gift has been delivered.
What if a gift is damaged?
If a gift arrives damaged, contact our friends at Goody ( and they will get a replacement shipped ASAP.

Your Account

How do I delete my account?
Email using the email address that you used to create your Postable account and we'll delete it for you.
How can I turn off my birthday reminder emails?
You can turn your birthday reminder emails on or off anytime by going to Account > Address book settings > use the toggle for ‘Email me weekly birthday reminders’ to Yes or No.
How do I change my contact information in my account?
Just go to Account > Contact information > edit your info and save.
How do I see how much account credit I have left?
Go to Account > Account credit to view your balance. Your credit balance is also displayed on the right side of your Projects page.
How do I edit the credit card information associated with my account?
You can update your credit card information by going to Account > Credit card information.


Do you care what I write in my cards or put on the front of my cards?
In this case, yes. We'll let the lawyers handle this one: nothing libelous, obscene, threatening, harassing or defamatory or which infringes the intellectual property rights of any person or which in any way encourages conduct that would be unlawful or inappropriate.
Is my address book information private and secure?
We consider your privacy sacred. Your information and your contacts’ information will never be used for anything other than your address book and the cards you order on our site. Our goal is to provide a secure place where you can safely keep your contact information. Feel free to read our Privacy Policy here to learn more.
Do you store my credit card information? Is it safe?
Postable only stores the last four digits of your credit card and the expiration date. This allows for easy purchasing. All of your sensitive card information is stored by Stripe, a highly regarded payment processing company. Stripe, like Postable, puts your data security first.