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Moving Announcements — Mailed For You

You’ve moved! Congratulations! All that packing, unpacking, lifting, and shifting must have been quite a pain, but now you’re all settled in (or something like that). All that hard work should be shared, don’t you think? Send your loved ones an update on your newest home adventures with change of address cards letting them know you’ve moved! Sending moving announcements with Postable will be the easiest thing you’ll do thus far!

Haven’t moved just yet? That’s ok, you’re totally ahead of the game. Postable’s moving cards will make your friends and family want to send you something nifty! Just choose one of the many moving announcements, write your personal message (don’t forget to include your new address), select your recipients from your free address book, and click send. Easy Peasy!

Postable makes sending moving announcements uber easy; we’ll mail them for you! You’re far too busy unpacking your life to go to the post office. Let us do the stuffing for you. Once your new address is out there with your loved ones, who knows what goodies will start to come your way?!