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Business Birthday Cards

  • Why you should send birthday cards to your customers.

    To get right to the point, the main reason you should send birthday cards to your customers and clients is customer retention. Building, developing, and maintaining customer relationships are no small tasks, but sending birthday cards to your customers can be. Though this should only be a part of a more comprehensive customer retention strategy, sending birthday cards to your customers can be one of the more passive tactics.

    Passive? Hear us out. Unlike taking your clients out to lunch or dinner, sending them a birthday card doesn't take much effort. In fact, you can even set up all of your client birthday cards at the very beginning of the year and forget about it for the rest of the year. Your birthday cards will be mailed for you throughout the year directly to your clients without you even having to think about it. Having these small touch points on your clients' special (and personal) occasions is a great customer retention tactic. You're maintaining your customer relationship one small greeting at a time.

    Whether you send each client birthday card at one time or all at once with an automation (yup, you can automate your birthday cards), here are a few tips to sending effective birthday cards to your customers:

    • Stay consistent with your brand: consider your company's branding when choosing the design. If your company is super formal it may not be appropriate to send a quirky pun birthday card.

    • Make the birthday message personal: use your client's name in the salutation and if possible add a detail into the message that's only relevant to them.

    • Don't try to sell them anything: for the love of birthday cards everywhere, don't try to sell anything! This is not the time to make a sale, use the birthday card to create or strengthen a connection with your customer with sincerity. You can always email them a birthday sale.
  • Why you should send birthday cards to your employees.

    As with everything else in this world, the labor market in 2023 (and really any time in the near future) has been turned upside down and inside out a few times over since the pandemic began. If you're an employer, you know better than anyone just how tricky it is to get and hold onto good talent. Without employees, there is no business. But of course, you already knew that.

    Sending birthday cards to your employees (both new and old) is a simple way to maintain positive employee morale –– a must in this labor market. What manager wouldn't want to increase morale with little effort?

    The key to sending effective birthday cards to your employees is to make the card and message as personal as possible. Avoid making the card feel too formal or detached. The more personalized the card feels, the more positive impact it will have. Here are a few tips to sending effective birthday cards to your employees:

    • Use their name: avoid the dreaded "Dear employee" (yikes).
    • Keep the message informal: you want them to feel connected to you, not farther removed from the formal entity that is their employer.
    • Add a personal detail: if the employee has been with the company for a long time, for example, you can include that detail in the birthday message to show your appreciation.
  • My company sends email birthday greetings to customers. Why wouldn't that be enough?

    Email marketing is a gold mine for increasing sales and is a marketer's dream come true. With that said, sending a birthday email to a client is not the same thing as mailing them a nice birthday card -- not even close. These two forms of marketing serve completely different purposes.

    While the birthday sale email may incentivize your customers to buy something, the birthday card you send them in the mail will help to build a connection between the client and the company. It's more personal. A birthday email simply doesn't have the same customer retention and customer relationship building umph that a nice birthday card has.
  • What do you write in a business birthday card?

    To wish your customers and clients a happy birthday the first thing to avoid is over thinking. Keep it simple, straight to the point, and most importantly sincere.

    Here is a simple formula that you can follow on how to say happy birthday to your customer:

    1. Use their name in the salutation (never begin with 'Dear customer' -- yikes!)
    2. Get to the point with a 'Happy Birthday'
    3. Add a short, but personal detail (it was a delight to help you find your dream home in the city this past year).
    4. Look forward to the future (cheers to another great year ahead).
    5. Sign off appropriately (the formality should reflect the nature of the relationship)

    An example:

    From all of us at Johan Realties, we wish you a happy birthday! We hope your special day is filled with good health, joy, and a delicious birthday cake. It was a sincere pleasure to get you into your forever home this last year and we look forward to seeing you and your family find happiness there together.

    Maggie and the Johan Realty team!
  • What is a custom corporate birthday card?

    A custom corporate birthday card is the greeting card that businesses mail to their employees and clients to wish them a happy birthday. What these look like will vary greatly with each business.

    Some custom corporate birthday cards will include the company logo on the front along with an image of the team (this tends to work especially well for businesses with teams that work closely with the client like a group of attorneys or financial advisors). On the other hand some companies may choose to skip the photo on the front and simply go with their logo and company colors. And some companies may skip even that and simply use a beautiful pre-designed birthday card and choose to only customize the inside with their personal message.

    Whatever level of customization you're looking for in your very own custom corporate birthday cards, this collection has it all.
  • Professional Birthday Card Designs

    Professional birthday card designs will vary greatly. The themes used in these designs carry a wide range for good reason -- there are all sorts of different businesses out there all with very different needs. Additionally, many companies will choose to send different birthday cards year to year to mix it up. So having an almost endless number of professional birthday card designs handy is definitely for your benefit. Here are a few themes you'll find in this collection of business birthday cards:

    • Generic gift box birthday
    • Colorful confetti birthday
    • Minimalist black and white design
    • Classic scripted Happy Birthday
    • Simple single color
  • Create Corporate Birthday Cards in Bulk

    If you're looking for bulk corporate birthday cards, the best option would be to set up automated birthday for the entire year. You'll save yourself money and time with this option. All you do is upload your list of contacts with their dates of birth and customize your birthday card.

    Postable will then automatically mail them all for you. Get more information here .
  • Bulk Birthday Cards & Prices

    We offer automatic volume discounts on every order over 200 cards. We also offer deep discounts if you purchase account credit in advance.