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Get 25% off with code DAD25
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Father's Day Cards — Mailed For You

  • Create Personalized Father's Day Cards

    Dad deserves only the best which means sending dad a personalized Father's Day card is a must. Luckily you've found just the place. This collection of cards lets you personalize your Father's Day card to send the perfect message to dad this year.

    The degree of personalization varies depending on the kind of card you choose. For example a photo Father's Day card will allow you to upload your very own photo. Regardless of which design you choose (and there are many), you'll be able to personalize your Father's Day card with your own message.
  • What should I write in a Father's Day card?

    The message you write to dad on Father's Day should come from the heart. So long as you write something sincere, it will be great! If you want a bit more guidance on what to write in a Father's Day card, no problem. Here are a few suggestions:

    • Tell dad you love him!
    • Thank dad for something he's done for you and/or for those you love.
    • Tell dad you love a specific quality about him and then tell him why.
    • Write about a special memory you've shared with dad and tell him you're excited to spend time together soon.
    • Write something funny to make dad giggle.

    Again, whatever you decide to write make sure it is sincere. A few other things to keep in mind when writing your Father's Day card:

    • You have limited space so keep your Father's Day message short and to the point.
    • Add in some details to make it personal. If it feels authentic, include something beyond a generic Father's Day message (see any one of the examples listed above for ideas).
    • Send your Father's Day card on time... Remember, snail mail isn't quite the same as email when it comes to delivery times.