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The easiest way to get all of your friends’ mailing addresses.

How it works

They fill out a form

They click it and add their info into your address book!

Address Book Features

Private and secure

We don’t share your address book information with anyone.

Never lose your contacts

All of your info is always safe and sound in the cloud.

Address book Groups

Organize your contacts however you want. It’s handy.

Export your address book

Export your contact list to Excel whenever you need to.

“Rather than spending hours texting and calling wedding guests to get their mailing addresses, you can save yourself time by using”

— The New York Times

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FAQs on Address Book

How do I fill up my address book?
Fill your address book with your contacts in any combination of the following:

  • Manually add new contacts.
  • Import a spreadsheet of contacts (go to Address Book > Import).
  • Send out your unique Postable link and have your contacts fill in their own information for you.

How does the address collector link work?
Magic! You'll send your unique Postable link to your friends and family and the link will then take them to a new page with your address request form on it. Once your contacts fill out the form with their info, it will magically appear in your free Postable address book. Voila!
Can I change my personal address collecting link?
Sure! So long as nobody else has already taken the link you want, you can edit it to say whatever you'd like. To edit go to Address Book > Your Link.
Does the address book accept international addresses?
Yup. The fields have been designed to accomodate most international address formats. The fields will dynamically change once you edit the country field.
What do my friends see when they click my address collecting link?
They'll see your unique Address Request form. The fields that show up on this form will vary based on your preferences. You can edit these by going to your Account Settings > Your Address Request Form. You can ask them to enter their mailing info, birhday info as well as phone numbers and children names etc. The sky's the limit!
Can somebody else send out my Postable link?
The only way someone can send out a link is if they have it. So make sure to only share your unique Postable link with people you'd like to have info from. However, you can always rest assured that nobody other than you has access to your address book information. Anyone with access to the link can *add info, but nobody can retrieve info.
Is my Address Book information secure?
Absolutely. We consider your privacy sacred. Your information and your friends’ information will never be used for anything other than your address book. Our goal is to provide a secure place where you can safely keep your contact information. Feel free to read our Privacy Policy to learn more.
How do I import a spreadsheet of addresses to my Address Book?
If you already have your contacts on a spreadsheet, you're just seconds away from entering them into your Postable address book. Go to Address Book > Import and upload your file. And voila! Just make sure the column headers on your spreadsheet match the recommended template. If you have any trouble, you can always reach out to our team and we'll be happy to help with the import.
How can I organize my address book?
This free online address book doesn't just look snazzy, it helps keep everything neatly organized too. There's two main ways your contacts can be organized: Alphabetical order As soon as you start entering contacts, you'll see that the address book is organized automatically by alphabetical order. Just click on the letter to find the contact you're looking for. You can choose to have this ordered by first name or last name by going to your Account Settings > Address Book settings. Groups You can also organize your address book by grouping your contacts. For example, you can combine all of your co-workers into a ‘work buddies’ group or all of your bridesmaids into their own ‘BridesMaids’ group. Place contacts into multiple groups or leave them out completely — it’s totally up to you. Go ahead, have a little extra fun naming your contact groups!"
I just want to use the free Address Book. Do I have to write cards?
No cards required. This online address book is completely free to use with zero string attached. You can collect wedding addresses and organize your contacts using groups all day long without sending a single card. But if you fall in love with our card collection, don’t say we didn’t warn ya!
Can I export my address book information?
Yup. It’s your info, you should be able to have it whenever you’d like. Just go to Address Book > Export.
Why do you recommend that I fill up my address book before I start writing cards?
We’re all for going against the grain and doing things your own special way, but in this case we recommend filling up your address book before writing cards because it will make your life easier. The card writing and sending process was designed with the address book in mind. They’re like two peas in a pod. The site is designed to pull the contacts of your choosing from your address book when you write your cards so that it’s crazy easy to send cards. But don’t worry, you can still write and send cards if you choose not to fill it in first — the process just won’t be quite as smooth.

Have more questions? Check out our extended FAQs.