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Get 25% off with code DAD25
painted hello greeting card

Swell Everyday Greeting Cards

Printed, addressed and mailed for you.

Everyday Greeting Cards — Mailed For You

Whether it’s Monday or Sunday, every day is an occasion to send a beautiful greeting card to someone special. Your mom’s birthday definitely calls for a special birthday card! Your best friend’s lovely new home is quite the accomplishment, what about a congratulations card? Hello cards let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them for no reason other than they’re just awesome.

Postable’s mind-boggling selection of everyday cards is just what the doctor ordered. Browse the lovely collection and choose a friend card or a get well card to let those close to you know that you’re thinking of them! The best part? We’ll mail them for you! Never stuff another envelope again. You can thank us later.

Telling someone they’re special via text is not the best option. Sending love cards has a much more personal touch! Making a giant mistake is almost unavoidable, but sending an awesomeI’m sorry card may just be the perfect apology.

Whatever the reason, check out the bewitching selection of quality everyday cards and easily send them within just a few clicks.