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I'm Sorry Cards

Did ya accidentally eat your roommate’s last piece of cake? Or did you just have a screaming match with your mother? Either way, it’s probably a good idea to say you’re sorry with a personal I’m sorry card. If you screwed up, texting your way to an apology may not be the best move.

Postable’s collection of apology cards will blow your mind (sort of) and will definitely do the trick. There’s the funny ‘What Was I Thinking’ card and the ‘I’ve made a huge mistake’ card which are both great quirky alternatives to the ordinary I’m sorry cards.

The best part?! Within just a couple of minutes, you’ll have sent your sorry card without ever leaving your computer. Did we just blow your mind? Good. Just choose the I’m sorry card that really nails your situation, write your personal message (don’t forget to actually say you’re sorry), add your recipient’s address, and click send! BOOM. Your apology cards have been mailed for you.

Are you looking for condolences cards that are more sensitive? Check out Postable’s sympathy cards collection.