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  • Announce Your Bundle Of Joy With Custom Birth Announcements

    Excited to share the big news? Who wouldn’t be? Announce your new bundle of joy with custom birth announcements and have them addressed and mailed for you. With a huge selection of birth announcement templates to choose from, you’re bound to fall in love with the perfect design to share your joyful news. Whether you’re looking for photo birth announcements or a custom design without photos that you can fill in with your baby’s details — this collection has it all.

    Having a hard time deciding which of the hundreds of new photos to use for the birth announcement? Luckily you don’t have to make that kind of decision — choose one of the custom birth announcements templates with two photos (especially perfect for twin birth announcements). Not satisfied with just two images? We got you. Upload up to six additional photos to the back of your baby announcement.

    Go ahead, customize away!
  • The Postable Difference

    Whether this is your first newborn or you’re a seasoned pro, time is a precious commodity. With a to-do list growing by the minute (those adorable onesies won’t wash themselves) the last thing you have time to do is write addresses, stuff envelopes or lick stamps. This collection of birth announcements was uniquely made for busy new parents like yourself — so that you can share the joyous news with a few clicks of a button. Spend 5 minutes customizing your card and Postable will print, address and mail your custom birth announcements for you.
  • Birth Announcement Themes

    Not only do we make sharing the great news uniquely easy, but with Postable’s large selection of birth announcement themes you can have your cake and send it too. Unsure what theme to go with for your big announcement? No pressure. Take a look around and see what tickles your fancy. As soon as you dive into this collection of designs, you’ll find themes ranging from floral birth announcements to designs with colorful shapes and squiggles all the way to animal birth announcements. If you’re more of a minimalist, you’re in luck — there are several minimal birth announcements to choose from.

    A few additional birth announcement themes in Postable’s collection:

    • Scripted fonts
    • Bold typography
    • Bright and colorful
    • Elegant
    • Neutral tones
  • Customization Options For Personalized Birth Announcements

    We’ve already mentioned the options to upload more than one photo of your new bundle of joy to your baby announcements, but what about the other customization options? This collection of cards comes with the following options:

    • Customize the text (your baby’s name and other details) on the front.
    • Upload photos to the front of your baby announcement (the number of photos based on the template)
    • Write a custom message on the back using one of Postable’s uniquely smart handwritten fonts.
    • Upload up to 6 additional photos to the backs of your announcements.
    • Choose from three different envelope options.
    • Custom addressing on envelopes with one of Postable’s smart handwritten fonts.

    With so many customization options, you can easily create baby announcements that are uniquely yours.
  • Unique Birth Announcements By Independent Artists

    Incredibly talented independent artists and in-house designers make it possible for Postable to have such a unique collection of baby announcements. We love good design. We know good design. And we have the best designers who create from the heart. When browsing this selection of baby announcements, click on the designer’s name associated with each card to find out more information on each independent artist.
  • What To Include In Your Baby Announcements

    If you’re unsure of what to include in your birth announcement, we got you covered. Each template in this collection has pre-destined fields for you to fill out so you don’t have to know in advance. All of the baby announcements will have the following elements you can include:

    • Name
    • Birth date

    Additionally, many of the designs will include a combination of one or all of the following details of your baby's birth:

    • Weight
    • Size (in inches
    • )
    • Parents’ name
    • Birth time of day
  • Who Should Receive A Birth Announcement?

    Send your birth announcements to anyone you think would love to join in on celebrating the arrival of your newest family member. This includes, but is not limited to, family members and friends. Sometimes neighbors as well as some close co-workers may also fall under the ‘friends’ category. If you’re on a limited budget or would just like to make the list more intimate, include your close family members and those friends who you regularly communicate with. Family that doesn’t live close by will especially appreciate the formal announcement.
  • When To Send Your Birth Notice & How To Do It Without Hassle

    Send your baby’s birth announcement within 6 months of the birth.

    Being a brand new parent is incredibly time consuming and adding another to-do list item — like sending the birth announcements — isn’t likely going to be met with much enthusiasm by the time the little one arrives. At the same time, if you wait too long to send your birth announcements the whole point is missed. Etiquette typical states to mail birth announcements within 6 months of the birth. After that, the little one won’t be much of a surprise and will be much bigger (hello, 1st birthday!).

    Here are a few tips to making sure your birth announcements are mailed out on time without much extra effort.

    Before the baby is born:

    • Choose the design ahead of time.
    • Collect mailing addresses.
    • Have a plan for who will take the photos and when (especially if you’re hoping for professional newborn photography).

    Getting the logistical elements out of the way will set you up to getting those birth announcements done with ease once the new babe arrives.

    Need help collecting mailing addresses? Postable’ handy (and free) address collecting tool can do it for you.

    After the birth:

    • Have the photo session.
    • Spend 5 minutes uploading your chosen photo(s), adding the personal details to your chosen design.
    • Click send.

    Postable will print, address and mail your baby’s beautiful birth announcements for you so you can dedicate all that extra time loving on your little one… Or you know, sleeping.
  • How do you announce the birth of your baby?

    That's an easy one -- mail unique birth announcements! Certainly, you could just send a text message or post an Instagram photo, but the birth of your child is rather special so why not announce them in a special manner?
  • Are birth announcements necessary?

    Necessary? No, of course not. You’ll certainly be able to live without them, but are they a delightful way to celebrate the birth of your child? Yes! Baby announcements help to not only alert your family and friends of your new baby, but also invite them into a joyous celebration of life. That’s kind of a big deal.
  • What Comes Next?

    If you’ve mailed (or are prepared) your baby’s birth announcements with Postable, you know how easy it is. Now what? The arrival of a new baby typically comes with a great deal of helpful gifts from thoughtful family and friends. It’s best to make sure they know their gifts did not go unnoticed.

    Just as easily as you mailed birth announcements in minutes, you can write (using one of many uniquely smart handwritten fonts) baby shower thank you notes. Postable will print and mail your baby thank you cards for you!

    Don’t worry, you don’t have to give up the personal touch. You can compose a unique baby thank you note to each person on your gift list and send them a card right away with just a click of a button!

    Welcome to your new favorite time saving baby thank you tool.