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Real Holiday Cards, Mailed For You.

Postable prints, addresses and mails all of your holiday cards to everyone for you.

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FAQs on Real Holiday Cards

How do I customize cards with my own photo?
Good news — customizing with your own photo is super easy!

1. Choose a card design template that has the option to upload a photo. Like this one.
2. Once you get to the photo upload step in the customizing process, click on the camera icon directly over the photo slot in the template to choose a photo file from your computer or phone.

Voila! Easy peasy. You've customized your holiday card with your own photo.
Pro tip: Make sure to upload a high resolution image!
How much do Postable holiday cards cost?
The Holiday card pricing varies depending on how many cards you send. Our pricing is based on volume, so the more you send the less you spend (pretty catchy right?). Generally speaking….

1 - 19 holiday cards = $3.99 each plus stamp 20 or more holiday cards = $3.29 each plus stamp
Why send holiday cards?
Great question!

Here at Postable we're huge fans of snail mail and believe that sending holiday cards is the easiest and jolliest way to spread the cheer to everyone on your friends and family list. There's nothing quite as lovely and heart-warming than opening the mail to find a holiday card from someone you love.

Another great reason for sending holiday cards is the ability to share mini updates with those who may not be close by all year. Share fun family news with everyone on your holiday list by sending holiday cards!

So, if you want to spread love and joy with those you care about -- sending holiday cards is the way to go.
When should I send out my holiday cards?
The postal service can get a little busy during the holiday season so it's always best to mail your holiday cards out in advance. We'd recommend about 2 weeks prior to the date you want them to arrive. This way there's a bit of a cushion to give way for the holiday mail rush.

If you're cutting it short, don't worry — recieving holiday cards a day or so late will only continue to bring cheer and love into your friends' and families' homes. You can also choose to mail New Years Cards instead if you're really pushing the time limits.

Pro tip: You can schedule your holiday cards to get mailed for you in time for the holidays. That way you can set them up well ahead of the holiday rush and rest assured they'll arrive on time!
Are there any additional customization options through Postable?
Each custom card design — depending on the template chosen — has a number of different customization options ranging from customized text, number of photos and personal messages. Beyond this, we may be able to offer further customization depending on your needs and unique project.
How do I order a box of cards?
If you don't want us to mail the cards out for you, you can order a box of your favorite designs to be mailed directly to you.

- If you choose a folded card, click on the green hyperlink that reads 'Send Cards To Yourself' below the big 'Get Started' button.
- If you've chosen a flat card, once you've gone through the customization of the design steps you'll be asked how you'd like the cards mailed. In this step, choose the 'Send them to me in a box' option.
How will the names appear on the envelopes?
Once you have written a card and you're ready to check out, you will be brought to the envelope step. This is where you can choose the formality or you can manually edit how you would like the address to appear.
Can I send the same message to everyone but personalize each name?
Yes, you can use our Carbon Copy tool here to apply the same message to everyone in your group while automatically customizing each contact’s first name in the greeting.
Can I schedule cards to send later?
Yes, you can schedule any cards in advance. You'll see this option once you've chosen your card design and selected your recipient(s). All of our scheduled cards are mailed about a week before each requested delivery date since the post office typically takes about 2-7 days to deliver the cards.
How do I gather my contacts’ mailing adresses and information for my Holiday cards?
You can gather your contacts' information by sharing your unique Postable link. You can find your link by going to Address Book > Your Link. You can copy & paste that link into an email, on social media, etc, and your contacts will fill out the form. Their information will then automatically be placed into your address book.

Have more questions? Check out our extended FAQs.


Holiday Cards — Mailed For You

  • Send real holiday cards online. Let Postable do all the busy work.

    The holidays should be filled with lots of hugs and plenty of eggnog, not spent sitting around licking envelopes and getting carpal tunnel writing out addresses for days on end.

    Order your holiday cards online and Postable will mail all of your cards for you. We like to do our little part in spreading holiday cheer by making it easy for you to mail your holiday cards on time without having to go to the post office. Send love to all of your friends and relatives without leaving the house.
  • How much do customers love Postable holiday cards? Read for yourself!

  • Beautiful designer cards with personalization and ultimate convenience!

    Order holiday cards from the folks with award winning customer service, personalization capabilities and more convenience than you ever knew was possible.

    We've made it our mission to make sending holiday cards a joy to be had instead of a chore that sneaks up on you once a year. Easily find the perfect card — there are hundreds of designer creations to choose from — and customize to your heart's desire. You can upload your family photos to a photo card template or choose to go with a design that's completely hand painted. Make your holiday cards even more personalized by writing a heartfelt message to all of your friends and family using one of our smart handwritten fonts!
  • Postable's award winning customer service.

    Need help with anything whatsoever? We got you. Our award winning customer service team is here to help with anything you need. Just send us an email at and rest assured our team will take care of you. Sit back and relax, someone from our customer support team will be reaching out with just the solution you were looking for.
  • Luxirious paper quality and top quality printing.

    It's no secret that all of Postable's cards are printed on lush, toothy, postconsumer recycled paper stock... But really, you've got to see it for yourself!

    Postable's holiday card designs were all created with love and care by artists from around the country and our treatment of the printing process matches that level of care. You can also rest easy knowing your holiday card printers use postconsumer recycled paper! We love the Earth as much as we love the holiday season!
  • Which Season's Greeting will it be?

    'Tis the season to celebrate with your friends and family, so which greeting will it be? Our collection has a variety of greetings to choose from and remember you don't have to settle on just one! Feeling a little rushed this holiday season? Don't sweat it, remember that New Years cards are always an option.

    Seasons Greetings to choose from:
    - Christmas
    - Hanukkah
    - Religious Christmas
    - General Holiday
    - New Years
  • Chic, classic and whimsical holiday card themes are just the beginning...

    Postable's selection of designer holiday cards has something for everyone. Ranging from non-custom hand painted designs featuring Christmas trees or non-secular winter holiday scenes to unique holiday photo cards. Want to upload a picture of your little one's smiling face in the place of a snowman? We got you covered. Looking for something a bit more on the classic side with a simple inscription of 'Happy Holidays' you can mail out to everyone on your list? We got you covered there too. The designs come to you direclty from real artists and designers who love and care for their creations and hope to spread their cheer with you!

    Some of the themes you'll find in the Postable collection:

    - non-custom hand painted
    - merry & bright
    - peace & Joy
    - pets
    - christmas tree
    - minimalistic
    - classic
    - christmas ornament
    - merry everything
    - holy night